Slow Down With Baqvas

Today's show is all about slowing down, catching your breath, and chilling out. It's a mix of rich, multi-genre tracks spanning RnB, experimental pop, electronic, folk, rock, & hiphop. Lots of new music, too! <3

Music Video: Wisechild's "Valley Verse"

Music Video: Spellling's "Turning Wheel"

Music Video: Jakari Wing's "Realign"

The Marigold Mixtape

Soundcloud: Ashlight

Soundcloud: Mild Universe

Bandcamp: Ruby Mountain

Ruby Mountain's 6/30 Sound Bath Event: Femmifest

Bandcamp: Leopardo

Bandcamp: Melika

The Guardian: Folk singer Mustafa: ‘I’m trying to preserve the memories of young Black Muslims’


  1. Aankh Teri Nam Hai Maula by Agney on The Marigold Mixtape: Art for Mutual Aid (Self Released)
  2. Trust A Little Bit by Mykki Blanco on Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep (Transgressive Records) New
  3. Moonlight by Ruby Mountain (Self Released) New Local
  4. Honor In Me by Melika (Self Released)
  5. Holy Beautiful by Wisechild (Self Released) Local
  6. 1010 by Melika (Self Released)
  7. Realign by Jakari Wing (Self Released) New
  8. No Traffic On The Freeway by Ashlight on Selected Works (2021) (Self Relased) New Local
  9. Plastic Prayers by Poté on A Tenuous Tale Of Her (OUTLIER) New
  10. Separate by Mustafa on When Smoke Rises (Regent Park Songs) New
  11. Space Girl by Janani Shankar (Self Released) New
  12. Lavender by Wesley Joseph on ULTRAMARINE (Transgressive Records) New
  13. Havin A Dream by Mild Universe on Mild Universe (Self Released) New
  14. Turning Wheel by Spellling on Turning Wheel (Sacred Bones) New Local
  15. Bitter Man by Leopardo on Expertos En Cagarla (Feel It Records) New
  16. Irriganan by Les Filles de Illighadad on Irriganan (Sahel Sounds)
  17. Kamane Tarhanin by Mdou Moctar on Ilana (The Creator) (Sahel Sounds)