Shorty days


  1. 25 Years and Runnin' by The Tough Alliance on New Waves (Sincerely Yours)
  2. All My Friends (Pink Skies Remix) by Blushh, Pink Skies (Self Release)
  3. No Cursing In Your Mother's House by Shutups on Six (Kill Rock Stars)
  4. Freaks (Feat. Travis Barker) by Surf Curse (Atlantic)
  5. I Get It by Beauty Queen on Real Life (Sleep Well Records)
  6. Good Time by The Aces on Under My Influences (Red Bull)
  7. Slide by The Y Axes (Text Me Records)
  8. What The Hell Is Going On? (Cordova Session) by Another Michael on My Day / What The Hell Is Going On? Cordova Sessions (Run For Cover)
  9. Crush by The Guest and The Host, Avid Dancer, Sharaya Summers on Everything Is Going To Be OK (Dawson Records)
  10. Beth/Rest (AIR Studios - 4AD/Jagjaguar Session) by Bon Iver (Jagjaguwar)
  11. Street You Live On by Remi Wolf on Juno (Self-Released)
  12. Vegas Hair by Reisender (Self Released)
  13. See You There by Tangerine (Self Release)
  14. Shake by Drew Banga, Studio_Dad, Sasha Go Hard (Text Me Records)
  15. I Love You But I Love Me More (feat. Beach Bunny) by Marina, Beach Bunny (Atlantic)
  16. Doom Scroll by Sun Kin (Veena Records)
  17. Life's Too Short by Julian Skiboat (ALT:Vision)
  18. Your Woman (Feat. E.N. Cowell) by Alice Knows Karate, E.N. Cowell (Self Release)
  19. Water Resistant by Anamanaguchi, 8485 (Monstercat)
  20. It's Permanent by Ultra Q on Get Yourself a Friend (Royal Mountain Records)
  21. Prester John by Animal Collective (Domino)
  22. Fantasy by Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue on Teach Me How To Cry (Dawson Records)
  23. Peaceful In My Mind by Sure Sure (Self Release)
  24. Inbetween by Worthitpurchase (Anxiety Blanket)
  25. Square One by The Red Pears on the thought we left because the door was open but we were waiting outside (Self release)
  26. Sweet Tooth by Destroy Boys on Open Mouth, Open Heart (Hopeless Records)
  27. This Side Of The Sun by Shame on This Side Of The Sun (Dead Oceans)
  28. Bruce Banner by Sub*T on So Green (Contact Kills)
  29. Dumb Luck by Corduroy (Self Release)
  30. I'll Get Over It by Madeline Kenney (Copper Mouth)
  31. Enjoy the moon! by Nightpalace (Park The Van)
  32. Just The Right Song by Vansire (Self Release)
  33. Disciples by Tame Impala on Currents (Interscope)