The B0ardcast Episode 34


  1. Transmitters by SAUNA YOUTH on DISTRACTIONS (label)
  2. Pop Punk Mutiny by Arm Candy on Arm Candy (Visit
  3. Magic 106.7 by Fleabite on TTYL (Visit
  4. Novembore by Pinact on Stand Still and Rot (Visit
  5. Furniture (What is Shared) by Vital Idles on DEMOS (Visit
  6. Marsh by Pennycress on SEE US SWELL (Visit
  7. Just Like Old Times by Bunnygrunt on Vol. 4 (HHBTM Records)
  8. Midnight Garden by Expert Alterations on Expert Alterations (kanine)
  9. Corey Baum's Theme by Guantanamo Baywatch on Darling…It's Too Late (Visit
  10. Booored by Magic Potion on Melt EP (Visit
  11. I'm In Your Mind Fuzz by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard on I'm In Your Mind Fuzz (castleface)
  12. Big smoke by Regal on Two Cycles & a Little More (label)
  13. Baby Bitch by Jack Of Heart on In Yer Mouth (label)
  14. Drug Mugger by Ty Segall on Mr. Face (label)
  15. Despreocupar by Boogarins on As Plantas Que Curam (label)
  16. No Destruction by Foxygen on We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic (label)
  17. Love in a Minor Key by We Used to Make Things on album (label)
  18. Duck in the Spotlight by Colin Clary on Twee Blues (POP!055)
  19. Punch A Door Through by Emma Kupa on Home Cinema (label)
  20. Peace of Mind by John Andrews & The Yawns on Bit By The Fang (label)
  21. All of My Life by Kevin Morby on Still Life (woodist)
  22. Carte Blanche by Clearance on Carte Blanche Plus One (Visit
  23. This is it by Jad Fair & Norman Blake on Yes (label)
  24. Midsummer New York by Pink Section on Pink Section (label)
  25. Heads (In the Other Room) by Karen Cooper Complex on Shinjuku Birdwalk (label)
  26. Ask Me A Question by Fredd Velvet on FREDD VELVET (Visit
  27. Toot Toot (Hey) by Dog Legs on 100 Club Series Vol.2 #3 (Visit
  28. Flypaper by Year Of Birds on 100 Club Series Vol.3 #1 ( (Visit
  29. History Of Handclaps by Erase Errata on Lost Weekend (label)
  30. Last Fad by Deerhoof on La Isla Bonita (
  31. Ladybird by Swiftumz on Everybody Loves Chris (Visit
  32. Wanna Reach You by Lunchbox on The Magic of Sound (magic marker)
  33. Bad Reaction by Try The Pie on Domestication (Visit
  34. Stuart Had a Dirty Book by The Just Joans on Your Pain is a Joke Next to Mines (WeePOP!)
  35. She will not be there when you call by Skittle Alley on The Memory Of A Smile (Visit