1. Computer Valentine by Tino Drima (Park The Van)
  2. Crystal Bullets by White Denim on Crystal Bullets (English Mallard)
  3. I close my eyes by Panic Is Perfect on I close My eyes (Strange Loop)
  4. Slide by The Y Axes on Slide (Text Me)
  5. A Passing Affair by Great Highway on A Passing Affair (1083192 DK)
  6. I Need To Be Alone by Jack Symes on I Need To Be Alone (Jack Symes)
  7. Heavy Lifting by Nat Lefkoff on Heavy Lifting (Hump Dog)
  8. Lovers Rock by TV Girl on French Exit (Self Released)
  9. I'll Take It Boring by Jordanda on Something To Say To You (Grand Jury Music)
  10. OH NO by Wet Leg on Too Late Now / Oh No (Domino)
  11. Cherry Garcia by Destroy Boys on Open Mouth, Open Heart (Hopeless)
  12. Sunsick by Bennett Coast on Sunsick (Pizzaslime)
  13. cosmos mojo by Bolero! on Bolero! (self released)
  14. Makibaka/Ikalat by Dakila on Dakila (ODL)
  15. Rose Colored Glasses by Analog dog on Rose Colored Glasses (Independent)
  16. Carmen Cortez by Mint on Haunt Your Days (Pacific Nature)
  17. American Breakfast by Goodworld (Desmonds Barrow of Records)
  18. Come Around Me by Rituals of Mine on HYPE Nostalgia (Carpark Records)
  19. Just the two of us by Emily Afton on Just the Two of us (Counter Culture Records)
  20. Michelle Pfeiffer by Mahawam on Is an Island (Molly House)
  21. Digitally Yours by TWRP on New & Improved (TWRP)
  22. Reset by Rich Aucoin on United States (Haven Sounds)
  23. Up All Night by The Spits on VI (The Spits)
  24. Surrender by VR SEX on Human Traffic Jam (Dais)
  25. Tell Me Why by Control Freaks on SHe's The Bomb (Slovenly Records)
  26. Hand Grenade by The Asteroid #4 on Northern Songs (Little Cloud)
  27. Fools (We Are) by Adult. on Fools (We Are) (Dias)