Sounds in the Dark - 12.14.21

Tonight's edition features new music from Anders Koppel, Amparo, Carlos Ferreira + deer meadow, awakened souls + From Overseas, Robin Guthrie, Felicia Atkinson + Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, and tons more!


  1. Starfish Prime by Robin Guthrie on Riviera (Darla)

    New Beautiful four-track release from Guthrie (Cocteau Twins).

  2. Dragoon by Amparo on Dragoon (Amparo)

    New Beautiful single among a few prior single releases.

  3. Unruly Cat by Tomasz Bednarczyk on Summer Feelings (Tomasz Bednarczyk)
  4. Dialogue 6 by Khotin on New Tab (Pacific Rhythm)

    Super cool tune from Edmonton's Khosin (Dylan Khotin-Foote).

  5. Kobresia by Biosphere on Substrata (Touch)

    More Russian dialogue - from Biosphere's great 1997 record.

  6. Noise Call and Response II by Rival Consoles on Overflow (Erased Tapes)

    New At last, Overflow is available for your enjoyment!

  7. For Willow by Moomin on The Snoofer (Oath)

    New Second release from brand new Turkish Label, Oath. Released in June 2021.

  8. Salbnuss by Popp on Laya (Squama)
  9. Hotel for Saints by Rob Burger on Marching with Feathers (Western Vinyl)

    New Single from forthcoming record out February 11th.

  10. In Light by Julianna Barwick / Jonsi on Healing Is A Miracle (Ninja Tune)

    What a great record. Always worth giving it another spin!

  11. Voyager by D.K. on Voyager (D.K.) New
  12. Afternoon Love In by Prefuse 73 on Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives (Warp)
  13. The Bottom Line (Live From Home) by Josin + Olafur Arnalds on The Bottom Line (Live From Home) (Mercury KX)

    New Track from Some Kind of Peace, released in 2020.

  14. Out of Focus by Ian Hawgood + Wil Bolton on Emerging (Hidden Vibes)

    New Beautiful long-ish ambience from two familiar collaborators.

  15. Break
  16. At The End, Together by Carlos Ferreira + deer meadow on In a Sad Red Dusk, We Were Finally Leaving (Faint)

    New Sweet new international droney collab between deer meadow (Scotland) and guitarist Carlos Ferriera (Brazil)

  17. Passing Dreams by awakened souls + From Overseas on Keep The Orange Sun (Past Inside The Present)

    New New music released this autumn from Cynthia and James Bernard (awakened souls), teamed up with Kevin Sery (From Overseas).

  18. Symbiosis by Pye Corner Audio on Entangled Routes (Ghost Box Recordings)

    New Selection from Pye Corner's newest record!

  19. And All The Spirals Of The World by Felicia Atkinson + Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on Un Hiver En Plein Ete (Shelter Press) New
  20. The New House by Anders Koppel, Benjamin Koppel, Scott Colley, Brian Blade, Martin Yates, Odense Symphony Orchestra on The New House (Anders Koppel) New
  21. Black Shore by 36 on Black Soma (3six Recordings)