2021 Faves


  1. Supper Times by Matthew Dear on Preacher’s Sigh & Potion: Lost Album (Ghostly)
  2. Wannabe by Sassy 009 on Heart Ego (Luft Recordings)
  3. Potential Energy by Vitesse X on Potential Energy (100% Electronica)
  4. Rakata by Arca on KICK ii (XL) New
  5. Strawberry by Doss on 4 New Hit Songs (LuckyMe)
  6. Cicada (feat. Arca) by Sega Bodega on Romeo (NUXXE) New
  7. Don't know how (feat. Alison Skidmore) by Andy Stott on Never The Right Time (Modern Love)
  8. Bunny Is A Rider by Caroline Polachek (Perpetual Novice)
  9. Please by Jessie Ware (Universal)
  10. I Go by Peggy Gou (Gudu Records)
  11. Bussifame by Dawn Richard on Second Line (Merge)
  12. Chaeri by Magdalena Bay on Mercurial World (Luminelle)
  13. Faithful by Jacques Greene on ANTH01 (LuckyMe)
  14. On Your Mind by Doss on 4 New Hit Songs (LuckyMe)
  15. Lalala (Want Somebody) by TDJ on TDJ002 (Collection Disque Durs)
  16. La Perla by Sofia Kourtesis on Fresia Magdalena (Technicolour)
  17. What You Like (feat. yunè pinku) by Logic1000 on In The Sweetness of You (Therapy / Because Music)
  18. Vacation by Lixo on Reuptake (GETME!)
  19. High & Choking, Pt. 1 by Ouri on Frame of a Fauna (Lighter Than Air)
  20. Local Newspaper by Dusky on Local Newspaper (17 Steps)
  21. Neuro by Lixo on Reuptake (GETME!)
  22. Diamond Cut by Overmono on Diamond Cut / Bby (Xl)
  23. Love Divide by Ross from Friends on Tread (Brainfeeder)
  24. This Journey VIP by Blackdown on Shock Power of Love EP (Keysound)
  25. OnlyL (feat. NIMMO) by TSHA on Power (Ninja Tune)
  26. Puppy by Doss on 4 New Hit Songs (LuckyMe)
  27. Open Air (feat. fknsyd) by TDJ on TDJ002 (Collection Disque Durs)
  28. Promise by Jacques Greene (LuckyMe)
  29. On A Mountain by Danny L Harle on Harlecore (Mad Decent)