Ep 206: "Crowdpleaser"

Episode title "Crowdpleaser" refers to the song by Grace Sings Sludge from the album Dilemma (bandcamp).

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  1. Dirty Water by Marbled Eye (Hardly Art) Local
  2. All My Friends by Sarah Coolidge on Turning Up, Turning Out (self released) Local
  3. Unevakno by Stanley Ipkuss feat. Jada Imani on Among Other Things (Hot Record Societè) Local
  4. Dwell by Blue Ocean on Blue Ocean (Dandy Boy) Local
  5. New Year by Mikayla McVey (self released) Local
  6. Break Up the Band by The Reds Pinks & Purples on I Still Owe You Everything (self released) Local
  7. Despise by Artsick on Fingers Crossed (Slumberland) Local
  8. Folly (2nd Leg) by Pacific Yew as Jeronimo on The Fly in His Eye (Jeronimo demo) (self released) Local
  9. Crowdpleaser by Grace Sings Sludge on Dilemma (Empty Cellar) Local
  10. Dry December by Jacob Aranda & Sara Gallagher on Sara & Jacob (self released) Local
  11. Leatherjacket by K Skelton on Beach Motel (self released) Local
  12. It's Not Up to You by Blues Lawyer on Something Different (Mt. St. Mtn) Local
  13. Shy by Plush Palace (self released) Local
  14. Hideous Rainbow by The Unwatchables on The Unwatchables (Heavy River)
  15. Old Skin by Fake Fruit on Fake Fruit (Rocks in Your Head)
  16. Think About Us by Healing Potpourri on Blanket of Calm (Run for Cover Records) Local
  17. Chupparosa by La Doña on Justice 4 Sean Compilation (Justice 4 Sean) Local
  18. Emotional Healer by Space Ghost on Dance Planet (Tartelet) Local
  19. Peaceful Scene by Cruz on Low 'N Slow (Smoking Room) Local
  20. Skeletons by Violet Felz (self released) Local
  21. 1997 FM by Flour Flour (self released) Local
  22. 夠膽你就而家嚟拉我 I Dare You To Arrest Me Right Now by Gabby Wen on a posteriori 後知 (self released) Local