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Creep Magnet first played going down at 1:11pm on Saturday 11th Aug, 2018.


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  • Part 2 of my favorite songs  from a great year of Bay music. Part 1 is here . Attention Oaklanders: A new year awaits!Applications are now…

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  • feat. Ava McCoy, Overcoats, Artsick, + more ₊˚✧.

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  • Episode title "Tied" is the new single from Topographies, out now on Funeral Party ( bandcamp ). I forgot to include in this episode but this…

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  • Haunt Up your House w/ freaky sounds from Four Eyes, Ghost Funk Orchestra's death waltz, vintage vampires from the Jazz Butcher, hella ghosts from Anna B.

    ALLSORTS № 141 120 mins

  • Episode title "Keys to the World" is from the Julian Never song "Silver One", on friday they play the Aluminum record release show ( bandcamp )…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

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