Haunt Up your House w/ freaky sounds from Four Eyes, Ghost Funk Orchestra's death waltz, vintage vampires from the Jazz Butcher, hella ghosts from Anna B. Savage, Daniel Dale Johnston, La Luz + more.  Happy Halloween!


  1. The Nightmare! by The Nightmares on Greasy Mike's Halloween Monsters (Jazzman)
  2. Maracas by Alex Figueira on Maracas, tambourines and other hellish things O.S.T. (Music With Soul) New
  3. Soon You Die by Goat on Oh Death (Rocket Recordings) New
  4. Dead by The Poet on Greasy Mike's Halloween Monsters (Jazzman)
  5. O Death by Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers on Get In Union (Tompkins Square)
  6. The Death Waltz by Ghost Funk Orchestra on Double EP Tape (Colemine)
  7. Grave Blocker by Thee Oh Sees on Grave Blocker (Castle Face)
  8. Espíritu de los seres humanos by Los Pirañas on Historia natural (Glitterbeat)
  9. Vampires by Four Eyes on The Freaky EP (self-released) New
  10. Vampire Girl by Jonathan Richman on You Must Ask The Heart (Rounder)
  11. I'm A Vampire by Future Bible Heroes on Eternal Youth (Merge)
  12. Female Vampire by Jenny Hval on Blood Bitch (Sacred Bones)
  13. Vampire Beats by The Mae Shi on Terrorbird (Kill Rock Stars)
  14. Night of the Vampire by The Moontrekkers on It's Hard to Believe It: The Amazing World of Joe Meek (Razor & Tie)
  15. Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula by The Jazz Butcher on The Gift Of Music (Glass)
  16. Vampiric Prayer by Aqua Girl on Pandemic Relief Benefit Compilation (Dogbite)
  17. Vampire (demo) by Peter Tosh on Equal Rights (Legacy)
  18. Haunted House by Still Flyin' on Never Gonna Touch the Ground (Ernest Jenning Record Co.) Local
  19. Haunted House Blues by Mance Lipscomb on Mance Lipscomb Vol. 5 (Arhoolie)
  20. Noirer than Noir by Robyn Hitchcock on Shufflemania (Tiny Ghost) New
  21. Haunted Satellite by Beth Orton on Weather Alive (Parisan) New
  22. Haunted Sea by The Budos Band on Long in the Tooth (Daptone)
  23. Casper The Friendly Ghost by Daniel Dale Johnston on BBC Radio 1 Session FLEXI DISC (BBC Radio 1) New
  24. The Ghost (W.H. Lung Fluxed Version) by Anna B. Savage on single (City Slang) New
  25. The Jezebel Spirit by Brian Eno & David Byrne on My Life In The Bush of Ghosts (Sire)
  26. Goodbye Ghost by La Luz on La Luz (Hardly Art)
  27. Ghost of Myself by Artsick on Fingers Crossed (Slumberland) New Local
  28. Ghost by The Chills on Brave Words (Flying Nun)
  29. Ghosts in the Wind by Richard Thompson Acoustic Trio on Live from Honolulu (self-released) New
  30. Igor's Chant by Ziggy Gee & His Combo on Greasy Mike's Halloween Monsters (Jazzman)
  31. Oi, Cat by Jucara Marcal on Delta Estacio Blues (Mais Um)
  32. Little Monsters by Jon Langford & Steve Forward on Lucky 7 Series Part 3 (self released) New
  33. Scary Monster String Trio by Beth Custer & the Left Coast Music Ensemble on Bernal Heights Suite (self-released) Local