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I Luv Mondays first played Taking Time to Tell You at 10:18am on Monday 13th Sep, 2021.


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  • Episode title "Time Had Made Me Something Else" is from the song "Guess I'm Always Leaving" on the new Katsy Pline album  Incandescent Fire from Take…

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  • I haven't been a morning person lately and for no good reason, since I'm not very good at being a night owl either. Tuning in to…

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  • Episode title "When I Can Hear It Beat Out Loud" is from the Grateful Dead song "Shakedown Street": " Don't tell me this town ain't got…

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  • It's the Jake Mann episode! Jake's new album is released today, Friday 5/19/2023 and I'm highlighting some tracks from his album and sharing some other songs…

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