Sounds In The Dark - 1.27.21

Tonight's edition features new tunes from Bonobo, Roedelius + Tim Story, MONO and plenty more!


  1. Age of Phase by Bonobo on Fragments (Ninja Tune) New
  2. Scarlet Holliday by Mono on Scarlet Holliday (Temporary Residence)

    New New but not? Released on the 25th of December 2020, recently picked back up as a 3-track EP on TRL. Originally recorded by Steve Albini, mixed by John McEntire and available for your pleasure on March 4.

  3. Lagoon West by Richard H. Kirk on Virtual State (Warp)

    Seriously - I think Warp's old catalog is just incredible. I can't help but drink from that well on a repeat basis.

  4. Salty Tears by Roger Eno on Dust of Stars (Painted Word Music)

    A sweet and maybe under-rated record!

  5. Strata by zake on Orchestral Tape Studies (Past Inside The Present)
  6. Night Feet by Rob Burger on Night Feet (Western Vinyl)
  7. Pattern Thinker by Haiku Salut on Pattern Thinker (secret name)
  8. Crystal Silence by Gary Burton + Chick Corea on Crystal Silence (ECM)

    A record from Corea (keyboards) and Burton (mallets) - exactly the sort of non-traditional but logical pairing you'd find during the golden age of modern jazz recordings - one of my true favorites.

  9. Childhood's End (Movement II) by Dimitris Petsetakis on On Shores (Into The Light)

    Petsetakis' first release was on Vangelis' label - here released on Into The Light, a label highlighting the Greek electronic music scene. A dark and atmospheric record, lovely in its mood.

  10. Dove Stone by Andy Stott on Never The Right Time (Modern Love)

    A really nice release from Stott from 2021 - his most recent.

  11. Glide by Manual on Awash (Darla)

    A tune from Manual's 2012 release - one of my faves!

  12. All For Nothing by Robin Guthrie on Springtime (Soleil Apres Minuit)

    New Reflection of the deeper dive I am taking into Guthrie's work - it's a rewarding listen.

  13. Immortality by Ana Roxanne on ~~~ (Leaving Records)
  14. Break
  15. Criscrossing by Roedelius + Tim Story on 4 Hands (Erased Tapes) New
  16. C.C.S. Logbook by The Evpatoria Report on Golevka (Get A Life! Records)