1. Featured Love of plastic 1 by Shinichi Atobe on Love of Plastic (DDS) New
  2. Portable Void by Imaginary Softwoods on So Extra Bronze Lamp (Mineral Disk)
  3. Piano & Two Tape Loops by Vanessa Amara on Music for Acoustic Instruments and Feedback (Posh Isolation)
  4. 86 km by Martha Skye Murphy & Maxwell Sterling on Distance On Ground (American Dreams) New
  5. A Promise (feat. Heidi Vogel) (Actress' the sky of your heart will rain mix 2) by The Cinematic Orchestra on To Believe (Ninja Tune)
  6. Oinones Death pt. I by Maria W Horn on Hallow Ground presents: EPIPHANIES (Hallow Ground) New
  7. Featured Autonomy (feat. Cooper B. Handy) by Boy Harsher on The Runner (Nude Club) New
  8. Featured Ocean 2 by Shinichi Atobe on Love of Plastic (DDS) New
  9. After a Feast by Wojciech Rusin on Syphon (AD 93) New
  10. Shadow Paradise by Burial on Antidawn EP (Hyperdub) New