1. Félix 3 (Guarda-Costas) by Niagara on Parva Naturalia (Discrepant) New
  2. Primo by Anthony Naples on Chameleon (ANS) New
  3. 17°C by Whatever The Weather on Whatever The Weather (Ghostly) New
  4. Metro I Mysli by Hoavi on Posle Vsego (Quiet Time) New
  5. Outskirts, Dreamlit by Pan-American on The Patience Fader (Kranky) New
  6. Zone 7 by Christina Giannone on Zone 7 (Room40) New
  7. Off Camera by The Humble Bee & Benoit Pioulard on I Suppose I'm Your Future (Dauw) New
  8. Dormant by Oval on Ovidono (Uovooo) New
  9. Featured Subtle Bodies (Huerco S. Version) by Carmen Villain on Subtle Bodies (Smalltown Supersound) New
  10. Featured Lav Sol by øjeRum on Lav Sol (Amulet of Tears) New