Dream State

On this week's show we're featuring the reliably tremendous new alt-J record The Dream. They've always been a curiously captivating act, often leading records with quirky, indie-bop singles that tread a delicate hairline between fun and cringe for me, but whose full albums absolutely mesmerise me as their folk, prog, psych, chamber indie and hip-hop influences brew together and fit an moving emotional arc of grand compositions.

The Dream keeps this up, never sounding unlike them, but also expanding the sound in some notable ways. I've been playing it all week.

There's some other good stuff, of course: Nell Smith's collaboration of Nick Cave covers with The Flaming Lips has some gems, and Kae Tempest is back with a second track from their forthcoming The Line Is A Curve.


  1. I Raise You (The Price of Your Head) by Folly Group (Technicolour) New
  2. 2am by Foals (Warner) New
  3. Break
  4. Unknown Song by Milky Chance (Muggelig) New
  5. Fugazi by Babehoven on Sunk EP (Double Double Whammy) New
  6. Dangerous by The Mysterines on Dangerous (Universal)
  7. Break
  8. Featured Philadelphia by alt-J on The Dream (Infectious) New
  9. Lucifer on the Sofa by Spoon on Lucifer on the Sofa (Matador) New
  10. Transatlantique by Beirut on Artifacts (Pompeii) New
  11. Say It by NewDad on Banshee (Fair Youth) New
  12. Featured Happier When You're Gone by alt-J on The Dream (Infectious) New
  13. Red Right Hand (feat. The Flaming Lips) by Nell Smith on Where The Viaduct Looms (Bella Union)
  14. Break
  15. Featured Chicago by alt-J on The Dream (Infectious) New
  16. Adeline by alt-J on Relaxer (Infectious)
  17. The Gospel of John Hurt by alt-J on This Is All Yours (Infectious)
  18. The Only Thing by Maria BC on Hyaline (Father/Daughter)
  19. Break
  20. Protection From Evil by Ibibio Sound Machine (Merge) New
  21. Don't Forget You're Precious by Alabaster Deplume on GOLD (International Anthem)
  22. Salt Coast by Kae Tempest on The Line Is A Curve (Republic) New
  23. Break
  24. The Ladder by Röyksopp (Dog Triumph)