1. House-O-Matic (1994) by D.J. Deeon (Dance mania)
  2. KAOS by HOUZ'MON (dance mania)
  3. Respect the Fact by DJ Deeon on Destiny (Teklife)
  4. She Never Gonna Stop by Eric Uh on Where's Ur Werkz At? (self released)
  5. Woodgrain Trippin by Hi$to on Juke World order Vol. 1 (Juke Underground)
  6. WOKE UP by DJ Earl on INSPIRE !! (Portal 88 Records)
  7. Orange Sunset by BSN Posse x Kabuki on Hybrid Hooks (Defrostatica)
  8. Tiime To Escape by Lynch Kingsley on Juke World order Vol. 1 (Juke Underground)
  9. Wants My Body (ft. DJ Chap) by DJ Manny on signals in my head (planet mu)
  10. Do It Again (Ft. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny) by DJ Rashad on We On 1 (southern belle)
  11. liar by dj phil on teklife vip 2019 (teklife)
  12. asylum by jlin on bangs & works vol. 2 : the best of chicago footwork (planet mu)
  13. Break Yo Back (Jukin' Jurk Mix) by P.J. Swerve on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  14. Disco Levistone by Hirorki Yamamura on juke world order vol. 3 (juke underground)
  15. Yea Daddy by Londy (self released)
  16. do what you do by sirr tmo sama on 888 (infinity) (teklife)
  17. illy 4 by Traxman on Juke Hits 18 (self released)
  18. south side by dj deeon (dance mania)
  19. pump dat hit by dj funk (self released)
  20. mario part 2 by nehpets (self released)
  21. child abuse by dj rashad on TIME 4 DA HYPE HOUR (self released)
  22. shut up 97 by dj chip on carbooties (dance mania)
  23. It's House (Jamie's Basement Edit) by Chip E on Jamie 3:26 Presents A taste of Chicago (BBE)
  24. Da' West Side DJ'S by DJ D-Man (self released)
  25. yo kidz by dj milton on Trax 4 Daze Vol.1 (self released)
  26. swing baby by jamming the house gerald (self released)
  27. martin's groove by dmc (self released)
  28. beat it up (rx) by dj milton on Something 2 Hoe 2 (self released)
  29. Beat Dat Shit Up by DJ Corey on Raw Trax Vol 4 (Beatdown House)
  30. Lonely (ft. DJ Paypal) by Jana Rush on Dark Humor (Planet Mu)
  31. I don’t give a fuck by dj rashad on i don't give a fuck (hyperdub)
  32. damn daniel ft. dj phil by dj manny on footwork therapy 2 (self released)
  33. Let Me Bang (RMX) by Low End Theory on 3455 (self released)
  34. hit it from the back zone by dj deeon (self released)
  35. No Scrubs by Hesk and Eytan Tobin (self released)
  36. High AF by Eytan Tobin (self released)
  37. Featured High AF by Eytan Tobin (self released)
  38. Freestyler Remix by Eytan Tobin (self released)
  39. Featured SHAKE by Eytan Tobin (self released)
  40. Featured Been Too Long by Hesk (self released)
  41. HOC by Hesk & Paveun (self released)
  42. voodoo man by paveun on juke world order vol 1 (juke underground)
  43. 187 homicide by rp boo on legacy (planet mu)
  44. Ayo Technology by Hesk and Eytan Tobin ft. Iyer (self released)
  45. Featured Family Affair (Get It Percolating) by Hesk and Eytan Tobin (self released)
  46. THE PERCOLATOR (HESK REMIX) by CAJMERE on FTRAX062 (forbidden trax)
  47. Featured Tetris by Eytan Tobin (self released)
  48. Ice Box by Hesk and Eytan Tobin (self released)
  49. jeopardy by JANA RUSH x DJ PAYPAL on teklife vip2019 (teklife)
  50. Featured MF Bass by Hesk (self released)
  51. Feel My M.F. Bass by Paul Johnson (self released)
  52. Featured 1990 by Eytan Tobin (XLR8R)
  53. Featured Talking To The Moon by Hesk (self released)
  54. I Need You by Hesk x Bone Box x Eytan Tobin (self released)
  55. Featured Closer by Hesk and Eytan Tobin (self released)
  56. Hesk by Kush Cloud ft Paveun (self released)