Sounds in the Dark - 3.30.22

Tonight's edition features some beautiful, droney tunes from Fennessz, Sunda Arc, GWFAAS, Pjusk, Earn, Dictaphone, Penguin Cafe, Billow Observatory and plenty more! It's an early spring float away session on SITD.


  1. A Model of Reality by Max Cooper on Unspoken Words (Mesh)

    New New record from Cooper, this track featuring Kotomi (Lauren Hillman) on vocals.

  2. Altar of Tammy by Mary Lattimore + Paul Sukeena on West Kensington (Three Lobed Recordings)

    New Preview of a new collaboration between Lattimore and Sukeena (guitar, mellotron) that goes live May 20th.

  3. Agora by Fennesz on Agora (Touch)

    From an excellent four-track EP released by Fennesz in 2019.

  4. Emeny by Good Weather For An Airstrike on Little Steps (Valley View Records)

    One of my favorite tracks from Tom Honey's project.

  5. Morning Dub by Afterlife on Morning Dub (Subatomic UK) New
  6. Flicker by Sunda Arc on Flicker (Gondwana Records)

    Sweet title track from another four-track EP released in 2018.

  7. falling snow on a silent night by Poemme on Frozen Passages (Stereoscenic)

    Gorgeous closing tune from Poemme's 2019 record.

  8. Ponder by Loneward on Pallid Memories (Altus Music)

    New Spacious and desolate in its sound and scope - a really cool new record from Mike Carss (Altus, Burlorke)

  9. Lluvia de estrellas by Federico Durand on La Nina Junco (12k)
  10. Stanko by Dictaphone on APR 70 (Denovali Records)

    Such a cool and weird record from the Berlin Duo, who are also cool and weird.

  11. Proverb - Nobukazu Takemura Remix by Various Artists on Reich Remixed (Nonesuch)

    A classic - going back to 1999.

  12. Red Morning by Billow Observatory on Red Morning (Felte)

    A side of a fantastic single released back last year.

  13. Stray by Earn on Hell on Earth (Bathetic Records)
  14. Break
  15. Harry Piers 2021 by Penguin Cafe on A Matter of Life... (Erased Tapes)

    New New release by Penguin Cafe, the successor to Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

  16. Randsone by Pjusk on Sentrifuge (Pjusk) New