Ep 215: "Wind Chime Symphony"

Episode title is from the song "Wind Chime Symphony" by You Are Something True (bandcamp). They play a house show friday in Oakland with Headvoice,  Preschool, and Howl's Road (Reno).

This week, please join me in supporting Harm Reduction Therapy Center, providing radical and inclusive lowest threshold services to the streets of San Francisco.

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twitter: @iluvmondaysWill
email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. New Dust by Try the Pie (Get Better) Local
  2. Wow by Margaritas Podridas on Margaritas Podridas (self-released)

    Local Sunday at the Knockout: Margaritas Podridas (Hermosillo MX), Gumby's Junk, Fauxes, and Howl's Road (Reno).

  3. Russian Doll by Gumby's Junk (Self-released) Local
  4. Red Figure by Fauxes (Self Release) Local
  5. Wind Chime Symphony by You Are Something True on The People In Your Life Are Closer than They Appear (Pop Spirit)

    Local Friday in Oakland: You Are Something True/ Headvoice/ Preschool/ Howl's Road (Reno)

  6. Basic Girls by Headvoice (self released) Local
  7. Sad Girl Hours by Preschool on Hot Sick Vile and Fun (Rocks in Your Head) Local
  8. All Things Fade by Kids On A Crime Spree on Fall In Love Not In Line (Slumberland)

    Local Friday at the Golden Bull: Kids on a Crime Spree/ Sob Stories/ Blue Ocean/ R.E. Seraphin

  9. I'm The One That You Want by Sob Stories on Fair Shakes (Dandy Boy) Local
  10. Emporium by Blue Ocean on Blue Ocean (Dandy Boy) Local
  11. Hear Me Out by R.E. Seraphin on Tiny Shapes (Paisley Shirt Records) Local
  12. Lighter by Boy Scouts on Wayfinder (Anti)

    Local Thursday at the Balboa Theater: Boy Scouts/ Sour Widows/ Rick Maguire of Pile

  13. Pilot Light by Sour Widows on Sour Widows (Big Girls Bedroom) Local
  14. Parade by April Magazine on Parade (Paisley Shirt)

    Local Friday at the Chapel: April Magazine/ Dean Wareham

  15. Little Brick by Flowertown on Time Trials (Paisley Shirt)

    Local Saturday at Harlow's in Sacramento: Flowertown/ Dean Wareham

  16. Alice Street by Abracadabra on Abracadabra (Anniversary)

    Local Tonight at the Chapel: Abracadabra/ Sean Nicholas Savage

  17. Уносишься прочь (Guided by Voices cover) by Последняя Вечеринка on Всё (Ionoff Music)