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  • Episode title "Living as a Critic" is from Maya Nell's "Timeless Trivialities": " living as a critic, hiding from my life, thought i could eclipse it,…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • Episode title refers to Fentcheck , an organization which supplies bars, clubs and venues across the Bay Area with fentanyl test strips and other resources to…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • Episode title "I'm the Lighthouse" is from the Stoney Creation song "Gemini." ( bandcamp ) Stoney also hosts The Hip-Hop Show on Bandcamp. The Drag Up! Fight…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • Episode title "Beasts of the Field" refers to the song by Owen Adair Kelley from the album Lest You End As I ( bandcamp ) Kelley…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • Part 2 of my favorite songs  from a great year of Bay music. Part 1 is here . Attention Oaklanders: A new year awaits!Applications are now…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

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