Ep 278: "Fentcheck"

Episode title refers to Fentcheck, an organization which supplies bars, clubs and venues across the Bay Area with fentanyl test strips and other resources to keep us alive. See their website for a map showing all participating locations.

On Thursday the Rickshaw Stop is hosting a benefit for Fentcheck starring Rickshaw staffers Armin, Combo, Chokecherry, Agouti, Versoul, Heat, A Farewell Device, and Sweet Noodle & the Poor Boys. (tickets)

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  1. Melancholy Molly by Seablite on Lemon Lights (Mt. St. Mtn.) Local
  2. Fertile State by Blue Ocean on Fertile State (Slumberland) Local
  3. House of Cancer by Credit Electric (Royal Oakie)

    Local Saturday at thee Stork Club: Credit Electric/ Spacemoth/ Pillowprince/ Beaunoise

  4. Pipe and Pistol by Spacemoth on No Past No Future (Wax Nine/Carpark) Local
  5. Summer Fling by Eve's Peach on S/T (self released)

    Friday at Sub Rosa in Santa Cruz: Eve's Peach/ Hearsing/ Samson

  6. Outlaws Never Cry by Hearsing on Hearsing (self released)
  7. Seek Em by Samson on Missing (self released)
  8. Sugar Baby by April Magazine on Sunday Music for an Overpass (Paisley Shirt)

    Local Thursday at Little Hill Lounge: April Magazine/ Miller Band/ Sob Stories

  9. Clean by Rob I. Miller on Companion Piece (Vacant Stare Records) Local
  10. The Tourist by Sob Stories on Fair Shakes (Dandy Boy) Local
  11. Hole by Armin on demo (self released)

    Local Thursday at the Rickshaw Stop: a benefit for Fentcheck by Rickshaw staffers starring Armin, Combo, Chokecherry, Agouti, Versoul, Heat, A Farewell Device, and Sweet Noodle & the Poor Boys.

  12. Minimal Flavor by Combo on Enter the World (Discontinuous Innovations Inc.) Local
  13. Around Around Around by Chokecherry (self released) Local
  14. Perfect Worlds by Tony Jay on Perfect Worlds (Slumberland)

    Local Saturday at the Knockout: Tony Jay/ Cage World/ Versing (Seattle)

  15. Father Time by Cage World on Printed on the Soul (self released) Local
  16. Jane Fonda of the Ship by Grooblen on A Wormhold is a Freeway to the Stars (Riot Daddy)

    Local Thursday at Neck of the Woods: Medscool/ Grooblen/ Gumby's Junk

  17. Ding Dong by Medscool (Daddy Blast) Local
  18. Don't Look At Me (Don't Talk To Me) by Gumby's Junk on Apple House (Slang Church) Local
  19. Light Beam by Mae Powell on Both Ways Brighter (Park The Van)

    Local Friday at the Rickshaw Stop: Mae Powell/ The Breathing Room album release/ Juan Wayne/ Sweet Lew

  20. Daytrip by The Breathing Room on The Breathing Room (self released) Local