Ep 279: "I'm Just Crush Material"

Episode title "I'm Just Crush Material" is from the song "Crush Material" by Crush Material. (bandcamp) On Sunday at Oasis they play Catharsis: I Do Not Dream of Labor Day, "a drag rock rumble to release the most tender of rage," with Pleeay and D. Wrex, and featuring drag performances by Helixer, Hollow Eve, and Messa Potamia.

Happy 10th anniversary BFF.fm!

You can find practically everything I play on bandcamp: https://bandcamp.com/iluvmondays

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  1. Holdin' On by Anna Hillburg on Tired Girls (Speakeasy Studios) Local
  2. Neph by Pacific Yew on Nephew Tape (self released) Local
  3. For Today by The Lost Days on In The Fade (The Long Road Society) Local
  4. Have Nots by Blues Lawyer on Sight Gags On The Radio (Dark Entries) Local
  5. Crush Material by Crush Material on Crush Material (Self-Released)

    Local Sunday at Oasis, Catharsis: I Do Not Dream of Labor Day Party, with Crush Material, Pleeay, D. Wrex, Helixer, Hollow Eve, Hotgothgf, Jesse Pegasis, Leez, Messa Potamia, Trixxie Carr

  6. American Tower by Rotary Club (Iron Lung)
  7. talk talk by abracadabra on Shapes & Colors (Melodic)

    Local Friday at Santo: Abracadabra/ Blue Zero/ Galore

  8. Fortress by Blue Zero (self released) Local
  9. Second Moon by Galore on Blush (Paisley Shirt) Local
  10. Hold Me by The Seshen (self released) Local
  11. Light by Mint on Interim (Edgar)

    Local Sunday at Kilowatt: BFF.fm 10th birthday celebration with Mint, Polkadot and Maggie Gently

  12. Baby Buzzkill by Polkadot on Feeling Okay (self released) Local
  13. Worried by Maggie Gently on Peppermint (Refresh) Local
  14. Overcast by MUFFLER on time has taken everything I know (self released)

    Local Wednesday at El Rio: Muffler/ Rabbit/ Jock

  15. I-5 by Neko Wortham (self released)

    Local Saturday benefit in Oakland for Oakland Printshop with Neko Wortham, Liana for Now, Nicky Swiggs (San Jose), Beafsteak, Kkiri Kkiri Samulnori, Ephemerald

  16. Spanish Bar Song by Liana for Now on Serendipity House demos (self released) Local
  17. Hollow the Words by Indianna Hale on Yesterday's Glitter (Perpetual Doom)

    Local Friday at Bottom of the Hill: Indianna Hale album release/ Kelly McFarling/ Bob Thayer/ TSRA

  18. Bed of a River by Kelly McFarling on Bed of a River (self released) Local
  19. Lust for Life by Dani Offline (self released)

    Local Thursday at Couchdate: Dani Offline & Vooo/ Three6Sashia/ Fish & Bonez