Ep 277: "Off the Coast"

Episode title "Off the Coast" is from the song "Gogo Boots 9AM" on Now's new album And Blue Space Is Burning Noon(bandcamp), out now on Sloth Mate Productions.

A special episode of all new bay tunes, I had a blast making this one.

If you like music movies I can't recommend Distant Harmony: Pavarotti in China (1986) enough, an incredibly rewarding and heartful cultural exchange. (youtube)

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  1. Saw the Car Free by Non Plus Temps on Dark on Harmon EP (Public Nipples Unlimited) Local
  2. Birds by Figure Eight on You Cry for Eternity (self released) Local
  3. Gogo Boots 9AM by Now on And Blue Space is Burning Noon (Sloth Mate Productions) Local
  4. I Drew a Line by Madeline Kenney on A New Reality Mind (Carpark)

    Local Friday at the Independent: Madeline Kenney/ Fat Tony (Houston)

  5. Unloveable Losers by The Reds, Pinks & Purples on Unloveable Losers (self released) Local
  6. Laid Off by Warp on Automatic Gratuity (self released) Local
  7. Blues of Every Night by Brontez Purnell ft. Bergo Husky on No Jack Swing (Dark Entries) Local
  8. П​Р​И​Ш​Л​И С​Н​Ы by MOEBAR HAYES (self released) Local
  9. Way Out in the Ocean by Margalee on Fall of Eden (self released) Local
  10. My Lovely Friend by Jacob Aranda on War Planes (Speakeasy Studios) Local
  11. Ice Pack by Sarah Coolidge on Call Me When You Get There (self released) Local
  12. Perfect Worlds by Tony Jay on Perfect Worlds (Slumberland) Local
  13. Lost At Night by The Seshen (self-released) Local
  14. Beginning to Begun by Spiral Dub on Spiral Dub (Sanctuary Moon) Local
  15. You Can't Help Me by Smile Too Much on EP 2 (Dandy Boy Records) Local
  16. Sauce by Fat Tony, Tia Nomore, Studio_Dad (Text Me) Local
  17. Gate has Broken Lock by Hospital on Hospital II (Paisley Shirt) Local
  18. Sad to See the Sun Go Down by Jeff Moller on Sigh Baby (Royal Oakie) Local
  19. Fun in a Field by Moon on Half-Full (self released) Local
  20. Cruiser by Stephen Steinbrink on Disappearing Coin (Western Vinyl) Local