Ep 276: "I'm Losing My Mind/ I'm Losing My Home/ Because of You"

Episode title "I'm Losing My Mind/ I'm Losing My Home/ Because of You" is from the song "Gentrifier" by Mano Fico on the Alpha Bitch EP. (bandcamp).

Have tenant troubles or questions? Bay Area Tenant and Neighborhood Councils (BAY-TANC) holds office hours, in person or on the phone, every Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm, 2940 West St., (510) 671-5747.

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  1. Triste Canción by Deseos Primitivos on Deseos Primitivos (self released)

    Local Friday at Eli's Mile High Club: Deseos Primitivos/ George Crustanza/ Grudgepacker (LA)/ Artificial Joy (LA)

  2. Gentrifier by Mano Fico on Alpha Bitch (self released) Local
  3. Soft Altar by Aux Meadows on Dust Kingdom (Perpetual Doom)

    Local Tuesday at thee Stork Club: Aux Meadows/ Half Stack/ Jeffrey Silverstein (Portland)

  4. I Might Try by Half Stack on Sitting Pretty (Royal Oakie) Local
  5. Cowboy Grass by Jeffrey Silverstein on Western Sky Music (Arrowhawk)
  6. Year of the Spider by Shannon & The Clams on Year of the Spider (Easy Eye Sound)

    Local Saturday afternoon at Jerry Garcia Ampitheatre in McLaren Park: Shannon & the Clams/ James Wavey

  7. Cold Sweats by James Wavey aka Alleyes Manifest on Babe (self-released) Local
  8. Come On by Black Thumb on The Flying Propeller Group (Dandy Boy)

    Local Monday at the Makeout Room: The Flying Propellor Group/ Blue Zero/ Nothing Natural

  9. Fortress by Blue Zero (self released) Local
  10. Glass by Nothing Natural on NN (Dandy Boy) Local
  11. Voice 2 Skull by Body Double on Voice 2 Skull (self released)

    Local Sunday at the Golden Bear in Sacramento: Body Double/ El Guapo/ Steev and the Bitch Club

  12. Undenied by BOMBSNAX (Self-Released)

    Local Saturday at Slug Bar: Bombsnax/ Tommie Phoenix/ Umami Mami

  13. Senator by Pregnant on 100% Beef (self released)

    Friday at Thee Stork Club: Pregnant (Sacramento)/ Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries (Fresno)/ Morning Hands

  14. Petty Petty Princess by Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries on Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries (Emotional Response)
  15. Santa Fe by Morning Hands on Morning Hands (self released) Local
  16. Night Birds by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Mental Picture (Speakeasy)

    Local Wednesday for free in Jack Kerouac Alley: Sarah Bethe Nelson/ Meredith Edgar

  17. Staying In by Practicing Sincerity on Will We Feel this Way Forever (Lavasocks Records)

    Tuesday at Subrosa in Santa Cruz: Practicing Sincerity/ Half Calf/ Growing Pains + Mauve (Portland)/ Grad Nite/ Bethany Home (Mesa AZ)

  18. Living In The City by Now on Saturday's Child (Self-Released)

    Local Saturday at Hit Gallery: Now new album

  19. Don't Ever Hide Your Face by B. Hamilton on Other Lives of Magic and Wonder and Whatever (self released)

    Local Sunday in Oakland: Ryan Parks (B. Hamilton solo)/ Jonny Aimless/ Thaniel Wayne