transfiguration # 236 strange sounds coming from inside the wall at 3:00am mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Welcome by Jon Hopkins & 7RAYS on Music for Psychedelic Therapy (Domino Recording Co Ltd)
  2. Ponds & Lakes by Dazion on VA - Music For Freedom: A Fundraiser For Ukraine (Music For Freedom)
  3. Aurinkopari by Shakali on Aurinkopari (Good Morning Tapes)
  4. Rajasthan, Pt. 1 by Irena And Vojtech Havlovi on Agni (Irena And Vojtech Havlovi)
  5. Holistikoholic by Vox Populi on Psyko Tropix (Touch Sensitive)
  6. Disarray / (Interlude: Las Cuevas de San Pedro) by Diatom Deli on Time~Lapse Nature (self released)
  7. Flame by Rosa Beach Mason & Sean Conrad on Wake (Inner Islands)
  8. Heartbreaker (feat. Claire Rousay) by More Eaze on Oneiric (OOH-sounds)
  9. Sorrel by Alexi Baris on Support Surfaces (Soda Gong)
  10. Dreams by Mark & Suzann Farmer on We've Been There (Numero Group)
  11. Forest Dark by Nailah Hunter (Leaving Records)
  12. Station 3 by Field Works, Hanna Benn, Janie Cowan, Masayoshi Fujita, Stuart Hyatt, Qasim Naqvi & Pick a Piper on Stations (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  13. Happy Here (feat. Lilla Clara) by Hior Chronik on Haze (Ki Records)
  14. Leaving by Carmel Smickersgill on We Get What We Get & We Don't Get Upset - EP (PRAH Recordings)
  15. Lost You (In Translation) Feat. Maddy by Co-Pilot on Green Machine (New Interplanetary Melodies)
  16. Eisa Dancers by Mice Parade (Mice Parade)
  17. Massiv Mello by Anthony Naples on Chameleon (ANS Recordings)
  18. Big Moonlight (Ookii Gekkou) by Vanishing Twin on Ookii Gekkou (Fire Records)
  19. Seaside Weekend by Antena on Camino Del Sol (Numero Group)
  20. Clues (Part II) by Jack J on Opening the Door (Mood Hut Records)
  21. Boiler Suits & Combat Boots (Hiro Ama Remix) by The Umlauts on Ü Remixes (PRAH Recordings)
  22. Touched By An Angel by The Zenmenn ft. Farao on VA - Music For Freedom: A Fundraiser For Ukraine (Music From Memory)
  23. Sparkle Tape Break Up (Mndsgn Remix) by Hiatus Kaiyote on Mood Variant (The Remixes) (Brainfeeder)
  24. Lumaby (feat. hrlum) by Mejiwahn (Hot Record Societe)
  25. Emblema by Rhabdomantic Orchestra on Almagre (Agogo Records)
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  27. Hessingen by Shakarchi & Stranéus on Steal Chickens from Men and the Future from God (Dödskallar Och Korallrev)