Indierockgirl Radio // 07.02.15

Two hours of the best new indie music, just as the name implies! Tune in every Thursday from 4-6 PM PST.


  1. Temedy by Amara Touré (Stamp The Wax)
  2. Miel Por Malo by Thee Commons (BURGER RECORDS)
  3. If this room could talk by Landlady (Hometapes)
  4. Head Is A Flame (Cool With It) by Portugal. The Man
  5. Alligator King by Common Man
  6. Outta My Mind by The Arcs on The Arcs
  7. I Got Drunk by Miya Folick
  8. Really by DRIPPING WET
  9. Milky Way by Air Waves (western.vinyl)
  10. Surreal Exposure by Ducktails (Domino Record Co)
  11. Robert by Keagan Beresford
  12. Come On Down by Hazy Nights
  13. She Never Stroking My Head Anymor by Boys Age
  14. How Long Is A Piece Of String? by Andrew Gork
  15. I Know by Connections on Crawling Through a Feeble World (verydeadly)
  16. Pheromones Dance by Dorothy Vallens Blues
  17. Concorde by The Holydrug Couple (Sacred Bones Records)
  18. God-Sauce by The Mind Orchestra
  19. Psychic Denim by Cosmonauts on New Psychic Denim
  20. Don't Talk Stop by HEY ANNA
  21. Inside And Out by Las Robertas (BURGER RECORDS)
  22. Stop Your Crying by King TV on American sole (Two Piece Records)
  23. Teen Jeans by Goodnight Moonlight on Goodnight Moonlight
  24. Bones by Kafka Tamura Music
  25. Northern Beach by pastel coast
  26. The Road by Man Of Moon (Melodic Records)
  27. Arrow Of Time by Aux Portes (Jonestown-Audio)
  28. Don't Wanna Be Anywhere by La Luz (hardlyartrecords)
  29. Melted Rope by Wand on Golem