6/22/2022 G's Chill Lounge - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. Skybox feat. Blue Lab Beats by Flofilz on Close Distance (Deluxe) (Melting Pot Music) New
  2. Know by ELHAE (UMG Recordings) New
  3. Keeps On Fallin' feat. Ella Mai by Babyface (UMG Recordings) New
  4. So Into You by NAIVE, Jordan Hawkins on Live From Ursula Ave (Self Release) New
  5. Back Of My Hand by Sharna Bass (EGA Records Ltd.) New
  6. On Me (Live) by Vandell Andrew (Self Release) New
  7. Honey feat Muni Long by John Legend (UMG Recordings) New
  8. Back Times Two by B. Bravo on Vizionz (Bastard Jazz Recordings) New
  9. Lights Off by KALLITECHNIS, Misha & Jussi Halme (Self Release) New
  10. The Sea by Kadeem Tyrell on As Time Goes By (Self Release) New
  11. In My Feelings by Yuna, Hojean (Indiefy) New
  12. Tempo by Nieman on Single (Self Release)
  13. My Head by Piper-Grace (Self Release) New
  14. Do Better by Cam Cone on For Lost Time (Cream Rises Ltd.) New
  15. Tempted by Silk Cinema on A Place In The Universe (Self Release) New
  16. Soul Days by DESH, nocatchphrase, Soren Sostrom (PLYGRND) New
  17. Break
  18. Sugablu feat. Sute Iwar by Hermez, Mauimoon on Single (Divine Tree)
  19. Etema feat. Dave Nunes & Saint Ronil by Waxfiend (Ziongate) New
  20. Gotta Move On feat. Bryson Tiller by Diddy (Love Records, Inc) New
  21. Thought Of You by John Splithoff on All In (Deluxe) (Pleasant Lane Music) New
  22. Praying by Alicia Kruger (Self Release) New
  23. Figure It Out by Sage Harris on Single (Saturday Life Records)
  24. Better by Jess Connelly (Above Ground) New
  25. jivin' by UKDD, Hoffy Beats (Self Release) New
  26. Universe (Remix) feat. Christian Kuria by Thuy on i hope you see this (Deluxe) (Venice Music) New Local
  27. For Youth by BTS on Proof (BigHit Music) New
  28. Back 2 Ya by Jinku on Passenger 555 (Karun Music) New
  29. Pressure by Teflon Sega (EMPIRE) New
  30. Mal de Amores by Maluma on The Love & Sex Tape (Sony Music) New
  31. Give It To Me feat. Raven J by 4 Korners (Self Release) New
  32. My Heart's Been Waiting For You feat. Duvall by Craig David on Single (TS5/Moor Records) New
  33. headlock feat. Lindsey Ray (Tep No Remix) by Marshall on Single (KVM Records)
  34. Dance 4 Me feat. Sshhana by Big Hass on Single (RE-VOLT)
  35. Edge of Crazy by The Past, J.O.Y. on Single (Self Release)
  36. Colourmein by Dayton James on Single (DJ & Co)
  37. Biggest Investment by Quincy on Q Side BSide (Frequincy) New
  38. Wake Up Alone by Davion Farris on Moved (UMG Recordings) New
  39. Cupojoe by Dj Grumble (Hip Dozer)