Ep 229: "Half Yesterday"

Episode title "Half Yesterday" is the title of the new Flowertown album out now on Mt. St. Mtn. & Paisley Shirt Records! (bandcamp). I often find that half of my mood today is probably whatever happened yesterday, and to think of it helps me put yesterday more consciously behind me, and to feel more resolved in the present.

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  1. Buttercream by Flowertown on Half Yesterday (Mt.St.Mtn./Paisley Shirt) Local
  2. Living In The City by Now on Saturday's Child (Self-Released) Local
  3. Lumaby (feat. hrlum) by Mejiwahn on Beanna (Hot Record Societe) Local
  4. Oldmen by Judith Horn on Forgotten Summer (self released) Local
  5. Pages by Credit Electric on single (self released) Local
  6. Let This Thing Die by Smile Too Much on Welcome to Oakland (Dandy Boy Records) Local
  7. Kant Kan't Dance by Famous Mammals on S/T (self released)

    Local Friday at White Horse: Famous Mammals/ Retail Simps/ Future Kill

  8. Lightleak by There's Talk on Lightleak (Eternal Crush) Local
  9. Samarkand by Cherry on Cherry (self released) Local
  10. Write It In The Sky by The Umbrellas (Slumberland) Local
  11. Flourishing Explosions and Luminosity by Myshiuno on Egyptian Creature's Fair Warning (self released) Local
  12. (beach song) by Sweeties (self released) Local
  13. Bout Time by Stanley Ipkuss on Among Other Things (Hot Record Societè) Local
  14. Lavender by Laurence White on Blue Eye (Shallow Dive) Local
  15. Get Loose by Bored Lord on Disc Princess (self released) Local
  16. Bus Stop Nights by Neutrals on Bus Stop Nights EP (Iron Lung/Sorry State) Local
  17. Lost City by Adrenochrome on In Memoriam (self released) Local
  18. Bottom of the Sea by India Sky on Bottom of the Sea (Ratskin Records)
  19. All Power to the Looters by Katsy Pline on No Peace in the Valley (self released) Local
  20. Beautiful Sensation by James Wavey ft. Yunoka Berry on Butterflies & Kisses (self released) Local