Ep 228: "Shall Not Be Tamed"

I got home Sunday from ten days at ten thousand feet and put this episode together with not much brainpower and it is an INCREDIBLE EPISODE. Such is life in the Bay.

Episode title is from the Jonathan Richman song "That Summer Feeling": "That Joy I've Named/ Shall Not Be Tamed."

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  1. That Summer Feeling by Jonathan Richman on I, Jonathan (Rounder) Local
  2. Call by Pleeay (self released) Local
  3. Last of You by Try the Pie on A Widening Burst of Forever (Get Better Records) Local
  4. April Magazine by Black Thumb (self released)

    Local Saturday at Hit Factory Gallery: Calvin Trezise zine release with Black Thumb and April Magazine

  5. The World Should Be Ashamed by The Reds Pinks & Purples (self released) Local
  6. Diablo Creek by Gorgeous Dykes (self released)

    Local Sunday: house show with Gorgeous Dykes/ Vivian Panache Saturday happy hour at the Knockout: Vivian Panache/ Medscool/ PVJR/ The Apollo Era

  7. move your body by vivian panache on move your body (self released) Local
  8. Playing House by R.E. Seraphin on Swingshift (Dandy Boy)

    Local Thursday at the Golden Bull: R.E. Seraphin/Tony Jay west coast tour roars thru

  9. Another Time by Tony Jay on Hey There Flower (Paisley Shirt) Local
  10. Precious Dreams by Smirk on EP (Total Punk (2021))

    Local Friday at the Elbo Room: Smirk/ Violent Change/ Andy Place and the Coolheads (Portland)

  11. Squandered by Violent Change on S/T (self-released) Local
  12. Spinnin' by Fieldress on Lost Spring (self released)

    Local Wednesday at the Ivy Room: Fieldress/ Tit Sweat (Eugene)/ Now

  13. Zyprexa by Buzzed Lightbeer (self-released)

    Local Saturday/Sunday at Great American Hall: Buzzed Lightbeer/ Scowl/ Thank You Come Again/ Destroy Boys & more

  14. Reality After Reality by Scowl on Reality After Reality (self released)
  15. Tall Boy by Thank You Come Again on Thank You Come Again EP (self-released) Local
  16. Peaceful Scene by Cruz on Low 'N Slow (Smoking Room)

    Local Friday at the Crystal Palace at the Starline: Cruz/ New Circle/ Serpentfoot (Tacoma)

  17. Infoe by New Circle on West Coast '19 (self released) Local
  18. Fiachra by Mejiwahn ft. Pacific Yew, Chris Keys & Cheflee on Beanna (self released) Local
  19. Shame on the City by George Crustanza on Apocalypse Now, Serenity Later (self released)

    Local Saturday afternoon at Thrillhouse Records: George Crustanza/ Sissyfit/ Witless/ Protected Left

  20. Fortune Bay by Michael James Tapscott on The Only Dance There Is (self released)

    Local Saturday at Whitehorse: Michael James Tapscott/ Ralph E. White/ The Dedicated Two