1. Suite X by TLF Trio on Sweet Harmony (Latency) New
  2. Ghost. by Church Andrews & Matt Davies on Axis (Health) New
  3. Willow Bends (feat. Rachel Lyn) by Flora Yin-Wong on The Sacrifice (First Light)
  4. Featured timmy chalamet by Luis & Lis Dalton on 057 (Schwyn) (AD 93) New
  5. Spirit Lamp by Mystic AM on Cardamom & Laudanum (Astral Industries) New
  6. Spoons by Silvia Kastel on Xantharmony (YOUTH) New
  7. The Harmony and Also I Became Square Movement by M. Geddes Gengras on Expressed, I Noticed Silence (Hausu Mountain) New
  8. Northern Storm by Madeleine Cocolas on Spectral (Room40) New
  9. En Bas Tu Vois by Sarah Davachi on Two Sisters (Late Music) New