1. Tenía Razón by Daniela Lalita (Young) New
  2. Your Element (a spell of equality) by Heith on X, wheel (PAN) New
  3. Featured Come Angel by Ihor Tsymbrovsky on Come, Angel (Offen Music)
  4. Track 1 by Richie Culver & Pavel Milyakov on A Change of Nothing (PARTICIPANT) New
  5. Atrial 1.2 by Rafael Anton Irisarri on Agitas Al Sol (Room40) New
  6. Ash Wednesday by Natalie Beridze on Of Which One Knows (Room40) New
  7. Featured Our Tides by Félicia Atkinson on Image Langage (Shelter Press) New
  8. Featured at GRM (2016) by Peter Rehberg on at GRM (Portraits GRM) New