1. Danger by Pessimist on Blue 09 (AD 93) New
  2. Eiv Mude by James K on Random Girl (Incienso) New
  3. Sudany by Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka on Languoria (Mondoj) New
  4. Setting Thoughts On Fire by Perila on Setting Thoughts On Fire (VAKNAR) New
  5. Muscle De Sable (Jan Jelinek Remix) by Roméo Poirier on Muscle De Sable (Faitiche) New
  6. Higher by Daniel Avery on Higher (Mute) New
  7. Alas, Departing by Sarah Davachi on Two Sisters (Late Music) New
  8. Beginners Mind by Frederik Valentin & Loke Rahbek on Beginners Mind (Posh Isolation) New
  9. Midday and Midday and Midnight by J. Carter on Speak, You Also (A Sunken Mall) New
  10. Featured Inverted Birds by James Hoff on Inverted Birds and Other Sirens (PAN) New