1. Mist on Lantau by Soda Plains on Living with Elvis (New Triple Gold) New
  2. Featured Octopus by Sunfear on Octopus (Dark Entries) New
  3. Featured Come Around by Carla Dal Forno on Come Around (Kalista) New
  4. Featured Immured in Twilight by Jake Muir & Evan Caminiti on Talisman (Dust Editions) New
  5. Sentimental Drift by Ian William Craig on Music for Magnesium_173 (FatCat) New
  6. Lowlife Hi-Tech Occult (ZULI Remix) by Pelican Company on Pelican Company Remixes (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion) New
  7. Onus by Coby Sey on Conduit (AD 93) New
  8. Featured Roses For The Poet by Ihor Tsymbrovsky on Come, Angel (Offen Music)
  9. Darkest Entities by Shiken Hanzo on Eternity Of Echoes (Incienso) New
  10. Featured a veil by Alexandra Spence on a veil, the sea (Mappa) New