1. Blue Studies (For Tom Smith) by Aaron Dilloway on Blue Studies (For Tom Smith) (Hanson) New
  2. Surreal Presence for SH and FM by Christina Vantzou & Lieselot De Wilde & Margaret Hermant on No. 5 (Kranky) New
  3. Propeller Arc by Gammelsæter & Marhaug on Higgs Boson (Ideologic Organ) New
  4. Single 08 by Vladislav Delay & Eivind Aarset on Singles (Room40) New
  5. (good enough) for now by Steve Fors on it's nothing, but still (Hallow Ground) New
  6. Featured The Landscape Listens by Caterina Barbieri on Spirit Exit (light-years)
  7. Objet Dirt by Eric Lanham on Objet Dirt (Soda Gong)
  8. Featured Troglodytes by Nikolaienko & Arthur Mine on Nostalgia Por Mesozóica (Muscut)
  9. But It Felt / In Other Dreams by Pinkcourtesyphone on Shouting at Nuance (The Helen Scarsdale Agency) New