003 - Death/Melodic Death Metal


  1. Conditioned. Complacent. by Logistic Slaughter on Lower Forms of Life (Transcending Obscurity Records) Local
  2. Invoking Oblivion by Symbolik on Emergence (The Artisan Era) Local
  3. Ravenous Cadavers by Exhumed on Horror (Relapse Records) Local
  4. The Sound of Extinction by Parasitic (Extant Records)
  5. Rise from Your Grave by Flub on Flub (The Artisan Era)
  6. Diseased Morality by Pathology on The Everlasting Plague (Nuclear Blast)
  7. Throne of Misanthropy by The Odious Construct (The Artisan Era)
  8. Endless Waves by Inanimate Existence on The Masquerade (The Artisan Era)
  9. Attuned to the Chasm by Ominous Ruin on Amidst Voices that Echo in Stone (Willowtip) Local
  10. Ruins of the Timeworm by Odious Mortem on Synthesia (Self Released) Local
  11. Agni by The Last of Lucy on Moksha (Transcending Obscurity Records)
  12. Cognitive Dissonance by Parasitic Ejaculation on Isolation (Amputated Vein Records)
  13. Synaptic Deprivation by The Zenith Passage (Unique Leader Records)
  14. Consume to Defile by Euphoric Defilement on Ascending to the Worms (Unique Leader Records)
  15. Martyr by Ontogeny on Antisocial Media (Self Release) Local