episode 14

feat. Mayya, Ha Vay, Meaghan Maples, + more ₊˚✧.


  1. Dazzle by Siouxsie & The Banshees on Hyaena (Polydor)
  2. Better Off Dead by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Mental Picture (Speakeasy) New Local
  3. Buy The Banter by Miss Grit on Imposter (self-released)
  4. Weird Waltz by Mayya (Calar) New Local
  5. Hot Girl (Bodies Bodies Bodies) by Charli XCX (A24) New
  6. Radiator Water by Human People on Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears (Exploding In Sound)
  7. xoxo by Ha Vay (Psychedelic Garden) New Local
  8. Ride a White Horse by Goldfrapp on Supernature (Mute)
  9. All The Same by Queen of Jeans on if you're not afraid, i'm not afraid (Topshelf)
  10. Underwater by Sun's Signature (Partisan) New
  11. Communion by The Oilies on Psychic Dog (Fruits & Flowers) Local
  12. Parliaments by Thank You, I'm Sorry (Count Your Lucky Stars) New
  13. Pot Kettle Black by Tilly and the Wall on o (Team Love)
  14. Someone by Meaghan Maples on 1763 (Meaghan Maples Music/Over Everything) New Local
  15. BYOB by Future Teens (Triple Crown) New
  16. Overambitious by Kayleigh Goldsworthy on Boomerang (Memory Music)