chicago vs los angeles

Guest DJ and Chicago vs Los Angeles themed playlist means obscure 90's 🏀 references to go along with jangly 🎸 college rock jams


  1. Featured Kisser Song by Happy Supply on Crucial Cuts (Dutch Courage)
  2. I Love You 'Cause (You Look Like Me) by The Ponys on Laced with Romance (In The Red Records)
  3. Featured Shopping Mall Sun by The Kallikak Family on Vineland Social Maturity Scale (On Purpose)
  4. The Sun Was High (So Was I) by Best Coast on Best Coast (Art Fag)
  5. Featured I Knew You Would Go by Aden on Black Cow (Teenbeat)
  6. Featured Texas by Currituck County (Troubleman Unlimited)
  7. Featured Midway Sunset by Days Off on The Threat of Joy (Days Off)
  8. C'mon by The Soft Pack on The Soft Pack (Kemado Records)
  9. Two Ways Out by Darker My Love on 2 (Danger Bird Records)
  10. Hey, Let Me Film Your Band by Mika Miko on 666 (Post Present Medium)
  11. Skeleton by Abe Vigoda on Crush (Post Present Medium)
  12. Sleeper Hold by No Age on Nouns (Sub Pop)
  13. Featured Lies by The Paraleisural Uninsurance Temp Agency (The Paraleisural Uninsurance Temp Agency)
  14. Featured Who Wants 2 Sleep With The Birthday Grrl by The Witches on A Haunted Person's Guide To (Alive Records)
  15. We Drink On The Job by Earlimart on Everyone Down Here (Palm)
  16. Featured The Deepest Color of Your Hazel Eyes by Starlister on Bands That Hug (Mr. Hyde Records)