clementine — 33


  1. August by No Vacation on Amo XO (Self-Released)
  2. Daydream on sofa by SoulFa on SoulFa (TheDreamPursuer Studio)
  3. Holy Hell by Ginger Root on Nisemono (Acrophase)
  4. Short Stay by The Fur. on Town (High Speed Spirit)
  5. Outside by Hana Vu on Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway (Luminelle)
  6. Ngã Tư Không Đèn by TRANG & Khoa Vu on Chỉ Có Thể Là Anh (TRANG MUSIC)
  7. Maybe Maybe by 椅子樂團 (The Chairs) on Maybe Maybe (Sound of Tomorrow Ltd.)
  8. Write It In The Sky by The Umbrellas on Write It In The Sky (Slumberland) Local
  9. 촉촉 (feat. Jihan Jeon) by PPCX on 촉촉 (맨션106)
  10. Easy On Your Own? by Alvvays on Easy On Your Own? (Polyvinyl)
  11. Last Summer Whisper by Anri (杏里) on Heaven Beach (For Life)
  12. The Last Thing Left by Say Sue Me on The Last Thing Left (Damnably)
  13. Metal Baby by Teenage Fanclub on Bandwagonesque (Creation)
  14. Dream in the Street by Noriyo Ikeda (池田典代) on Dream in the Street (Orange House)