episode 17

feat. Pretty Sick, Goth Lipstick, Absinthe Father, + more ₊˚✧.


  1. Bad Ass Bitch by Lunachicks on Luxury Problem (self-released)
  2. Black Tar by Pretty Sick (Dirty Hit) New
  3. Step By Step by World Smasher on Step By Step (Self-Released) New Local
  4. Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation on Life of a Ghost (Parlophone Music Denmark)
  5. Soak by Tummyache on SOAK (Tone Tree) New
  6. tarot card by Goth Lipstick on I paint you, I paint you, I paint you (Slimefight) New Local
  7. Peach by Pony (Take This To Heart) New
  8. Lady of the Fire by Helium on The Magic City (Matador)
  9. Pocket Change by Looming (No Sleep) New
  10. bells by Absinthe Father (self-released) New
  11. Transatlantic Telephone Call by Lois on Bet The Sky (K)
  12. I Want To Be There by girlpuppy on I Want To Be There (Royal Mountain) New
  13. Cookie by Myss Houdie (Myssfit) New
  14. Cosmic Experience (the rmx) by Maya Songbird (self-released) Local
  15. Knees Deep by The Beths (self-released) New