007 - Progressive Metal


  1. Old Stories by Cyborg Octopus on Between Light and Air (Silent Pendulum Records) New Local
  2. Existence by Lost to the Void on Necrotic Ideology (Self-Released) Local
  3. Cephalopodic Void by Dawn of Ouroboros (Self-Release) Local
  4. The Flood by Orthogenesis on Orthogenesis EP (Self-Released) Local
  5. Ragnarok (feat. Michael Bach) by Noir on Into the Crypt (Self-Released)
  6. Exasperated Torment by Harlequin on Origin of Suffering (Blood Blast Distribution) New
  7. Chasing Goats by A Thousand Dead on Chasing Goats (Self-Released) Local
  8. Ageless by Echoes of Eternity on Echoes of Eternity (Self-Released)
  9. All The Bad Men by Psychotic Waltz on The God-Shaped Void (InsideOut Music)
  10. By Virtue of Class by Vile Rites on The Ageless (Self-Released) Local
  11. Thanatos Rising by Sorizon on Thanatos Rising (Self-Released)
  12. Gone by Ancestors on Suspended in Reflections (Pelagic Records)
  13. The Machine Gunner by A-Z on A-Z (Metal Blade Records) New