Ep 235: "Triumphant Buttress"

I've been traveling and doing the tracklist post-broadcast, so the times don't really match.

Episode title "Triumphant Buttress" refers to the song "Triumphant Buttress" by Salami Rose Joe Louis (bandcamp), who plays KQED on Thursday with Asonic Garcia, Jada Imani, and Spote Breeze, presented by SMARTBOMB.

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  1. Big Rig Slowdown by Aux Meadows on Aux Meadows (self released)
  2. You Don't Have to Know Where To Go by Helpful People on Broken Blossom Threats (Burundi Cloud Music) Local
  3. Break
  4. Windowpane by Aluminum on Windowpane EP (Dandy Boy) Local
  5. Crayola Cerebellum (for studio 8) by W.A.L.A. on Light Beings #3 (SMARTBOMB)

    Local Thursday at KQED: SMARTBOMB presents: Asonic Garcia (aka W.A.L.A.)/ Salami Rose Joe Louis/ Jada Imani/ Spote Breeze

  6. Triumphant Buttress by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Chapters of Zdenka (Brainfeeder) Local
  7. Honest by Jada Imani (prod. Dakim) on WATER FOR THE TOWN v​.​4 (SMARTBOMB) Local
  8. Ep. 3: Conflicted by Spote Breeze ft. DLEE (self released) Local
  9. Time Wasted by Cherry on Cherry (self released) Local
  10. Cure by Pleeay on Every Body (self released) Local
  11. Lemon Year by Blue Zero on Welcome to Oakland compilation (Dandy Boy Records) Local
  12. Look Me In The Eyes by Yea-Ming & the Rumours on So, Bird... (Dandy Boy) Local
  13. Fulltime Fly by James Wavey on Welcome to Oakland comp (Dandy Boy Records)

    Local Saturday at the Golden Bull: James Wavey/ Gumby's Junk/ June Swoon (LA)

  14. Cowboy Analysis by Gumby's Junk on Apple House (Slang Church) Local
  15. The Last Time by Tony Molina on In the Fade (Summer Shade/Run For Cover) Local
  16. Secret Secret by Secret Secret on Secret Secret (self released)

    Local Saturday at 924 Gilman: Secret Secret/ Mommy Mommy/ Doctor Doctor ("Bands So Nice We Named 'Em Twice")

  17. The Tourist by Sob Stories on Fair Shakes (Dandy Boy) Local
  18. NRA (Not Really Asking) by Lolly Gaggers on Low Hanging Fruit EP (self released) Local
  19. 呼吸 Breathe by Gabby Wen on a posteriori 後知 (self released)

    Local Saturday at the Lab: San Francisco Electronic Music Fest with Gabby Wen and many others

  20. i go to the railroad tracks (45 seconds of a 22 minute poem) by Tongo Eisen-Martin on I go to the railroad tracks and follow them to the station of my enemies (Rocks in Your Head) Local
  21. Temporary Comforts by Fieldress on Los Spring (self released) Local
  22. Rock Inside My Shoe by Mayya on Infinite Possible Futures (Calar) Local
  23. Maze by Owen Adair Kelley on Lest You End As I (Dandy Boy) Local
  24. Dragon's Blood by Godgifu on Book of Pain (self released) Local