Sounds in the Dark - 9.14.22

Tonight's edition features tons of new music from Christopher Willits, K. Leimer, morimoto naoki, Oren Ambarchi, Logic Moon, Jogging House, Kasper Bjorke Quartet, Marty Hicks + Gallery Six, and tons more!


  1. Tunnels by Christopher Willits on Gravity (Ghostly International) New
  2. II by Oren Ambarchi on Shebang (Drag City)

    New Brand new release due the 30th of September from Ambarchi + collaborators - follows on the heels of Ghosted, released back in April.

  3. A Far Away Place by Matthew Halslall on When The World Was One (Gondwana Records)
  4. Soar by Jogging House on Speak EP (Jogging House) New
  5. When Even the Trees Sleep by Marty Hicks, Gallery Six (Ambientologist)

    New Beautiful collab between Hicks (Tokyo, by way of Melbourne) and Hidekazu Imashige (Hiroshima).

  6. friction by morimoto naoki on kotoba (Seil Records) New
  7. II by K. Leimer on Music For The Open Air (Palace of Lights) New
  8. Medii Aevi by Logic Moon, Henrik Meierkord on Inseln (Whitelabrecs) New
  9. Miocene by Kasper Bjorke Quartet (Kompakt) New
  10. Green Arrow by Yo La Tengo on I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (Matador)
  11. First Light by Harold Budd, Brian Eno on Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror (Editions EG)