The B0ardcast Episode 39


  1. What's Up by Fleabite on TTYL (Visit
  2. Break
  3. Memory by The Mantles on Memory (Slumberland)
  4. Farewell by Soda Shop on Farewell (Visit
  5. Know The Reason by Moon Types on Know The Reason 7 (Visit
  6. Nothing Better by Smut on Conveniently Broken (Visit
  7. Everybody Says by Pinact on Split EP (Visit
  8. Novaro by Kool Daze on If You Fall I'll Fall With You (Visit
  9. Junk Heart by HEHFU on BG056 | Junk Heart (Visit
  10. On Tape (Pooh Sticks cover) by The Soap Opera on The Soap Opera (Visit
  11. Ominous Felon by Dark Tea on Dark Tea (Visit
  12. Branches As Bridges by Imaginary Pants on Kites At Night EP (Visit
  13. glamour queen (pop two outro) by Azul Toga on #2 (Visit
  14. Total Affection by Caramel on Demo (Visit
  15. Something Gross by Flemmings on FLEMMINGS (Visit
  16. Laura & Cesar by Tigercats on Mysteries (Label)
  17. Too Much Too Fast by Dogbreth on Sentimental Health (Visit
  18. ii by pitschouse on pitschouse (Visit
  19. Crazy People by Dean Wareham on Luna Demos 1991 (Visit
  20. Anyway by Lala Lala on HAVE A GOOD DAY (Visit
  21. Coffee by Cry Baby on Cry Baby (Visit
  22. Self Care by Passive Smoke on Inhale (Visit
  23. Green Stamp (4 track demo) by Crayon on Brick Factory - bonus tracks (HHBTM Records)
  24. Bedsit Infamies by Adult Books on Adult Books (Visit
  25. A Bell by Expert Alterations on Expert Alterations (Slumberland)
  26. Cryin Tomorrow by The Memories on Hot Afternoon (Label)
  27. Baby, Please by PONY on CRUSHED (Visit
  28. When I Grow Up by The Panduhs on Panduh Party! EP (Visit
  29. Jamie (Luvver) by Joanna Gruesome on Peanut Butter (Slumberland)
  30. Sensible Shoes Blues by Milky Wimpshake on Popshaped ( Song ID: 200741173)
  31. pop friends by nixon on only ugly people smoke (bbptc)
  32. she plays guitar by Masters of the Hemisphere on Masters of the Hemisphere (HHBTM)
  33. Tonight? by Marine Girls on Beach Party (Label)
  34. I Miss That Band by Paul Baribeau on Paul Baribeau (Label)
  35. Back of My Hand by Butterglory on Downed (Label)
  36. Secret Address by The Motifs on Away (Label)
  37. The World Won't Last The Night by Miles Kurosky on The Desert of Shallow Effects (Label)