Jul 18


  1. Friday I'm In Love by Yo La Tengo on Stuff Like That There (Matador)
  2. Lauren Lorraine by Summer Fiction on Himalaya (Self Released)
  3. A Beautiful Woman by Deradoorian on A Beautiful Woman (Anticon)
  4. The Sign Says Walk by The Busy Band on Expeditions #1 (Exergy Music)
  5. Now You Know My Name by The Derevolutions on The Derevolutions (Self Released)
  6. Powder by Gengahr on She's a Witch (Transgressive Records)
  7. Pricks of Brightness by Ratatat on Magnifique (XL Recordings)
  8. We Made It by Born Ruffians on We Made It (Warp)
  9. I Want It All by The Magician & The Gates of Love on I Want It All (Self Released)
  10. Spill of Sugar by Cookies on Music for Touching (We Buy Gold)
  11. We're Coming To You by the bird and the bee on Recreational Love (Rostrum Records)
  12. Notting Hill by Supercute on Songs Your Mother Never Taught You! (Elefant Records)
  13. I Will Find You by La Guerre on Violent (The Record Machine)
  14. Over & Out by The Quiet Celebrations on Doll House (Self Released)
  15. Bird Years by Ings on Dog Physics (Self Released)
  16. Wildrunners by Hugo Hans on Beginners (Banquet Man Records)
  17. Gone So Long by Wonderful on Wake Up To Dreamland (Mannheim Worldwide)