This grief-filled sunny fall Monday morning, Tom Marsi is joined by the exuberantly crushing musings and musical curation of the one and only Nana! We talk loss, a-list music ladies going through it, Katy Perry's revival, healing through grief, and Drake bottoming. An hour isn't enough, but we hope you'll enjoy this rambly creation of love and music.

Check out Nana's archived radio talk show, Down Bad & Other Things on MIxcloud:

The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. Alone With Me by Limited Loverz on Alone With Me (THANKS GIVING)
  2. Why Should I Be Sad by Britney Spears on Blackout (Zomba Recording LLC)
  3. Out Of Love by Limited Loverz on Alone With Me (THANKS)
  4. Pies Descalzos, Sueños Blancos by Shakira on Pies Descalzos (Sony Music)
  5. Structured Programming by Limited Loverz on Alone With Me (THANKS GIVING)
  6. Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) by Ashanti on Chapter II (Murders Inc)