modern pop punk

When ur friend invites you to a pop punk themed karaoke b-day party, so u invite them to co-host a modern pop punk radio show… WELL I GUESS THIS IS GROWING UP?


  1. Four Chords - Live in Toronto / 2022 by PUP on PUP Unravels Live In Front Of Everyone They Know (Rise) New
  2. Featured Dark Days by PUP on PUP (SideOneDummy)
  3. Featured Tonight by Dude York on Sincerely (Hardly Art)
  4. 5 Years Behind by THICK on 5 Years Behind (Epitaph)
  5. Featured Capacity by Charly Bliss on Young Enough (Barsuk)
  6. Mesa by Cayetana on New Kind of Normal (Plum Records)
  7. Featured Guest Room by Future Teens (Take This To Heart)
  8. Featured Kismet Kill by Haley Bonar on Impossible Dream (Gndwire)
  9. You, In Weird Cities by Jeff Rosentock on We Cool? (SideOneDummy)
  10. Kenosha by Swearin' on Swearin' (Salinas)
  11. Featured Constant Headache by Joyce Manor on S/T (Asian Man)
  12. I Do by Terry Malts on Killing TIme (Slumberland) Local
  13. Featured New Song No. 2 by Gully Boys (Gully Boys)
  14. Who You Are by Mannequin Pussy on Patience (Epitaph)
  15. Dear Nora by Alien Boy on Don't Know What I Am (Get Better)