Halloweeeeee 1: The Big Cronch

We all have parts of ourselves we can’t face. Things we’re ashamed to have even thought about. Involuntary reactions, unconscious drives. Deep fears we struggle to talk about––fear of death, a desire to harm, moments of selfishness and greed. Inner demons or villains. Inner weak, fearful, blobs. It’s easy to become the things we despise without noticing. It’s easy to see what we hate in others before we see it in ourselves. We cope by pushing away, projecting, suppressing, distracting, numbing…

Well, it’s October and the veil is thin so we confront through the safety of make believe and ritual. Our fears and hatreds come to life in the ghosts and demons we summon. We laugh at them. We taunt them. We embrace them lovingly. For one brief moment each year, we celebrate our fear before once again relegating it to the shadows.

This month on Shadowtime, fear is our playground.

Today's broadcast features an interview with BFF DJ @Jon_Digital who makes music as Cronch Amp. We talk about his latest release, Wanderer/Soother and the terrifying bits of himself he had to face and move through in order to make art. And how his creations now help him process and move through a world he's seeing through a new lens.

This interview was edited and sound designed by me, using mostly all Cronch Amp music with just a little bit of my own sound.

Do you have a ghost story to contribute for another broadcast this month? Record a voice memo with your phone and submit it here.


  1. The Terror by The Flaming Lips on The Terror (Warner)
  2. Spider Light by Pascal Pinon on Sunder (Morr Music)
  3. Spiders by The Soft Calvary on The Soft Calvary (Bella Union)
  4. The Forest Scares the Hell Out of Me by Say Hi on Ferocious Mopes (Euphobia)
  5. Break
  6. Featured FTT V3 by Cronch Amp on Wanderer/Soother (The Last Days Of Rome) New
  7. Break
  8. Featured Lanteblo by Cronch Amp on Wanderer/Soother (The Last Days of Rome) New
  9. Featured Uneven Future by Cronch Amp on Wanderer/Soother (The Last Days Of Rome) New
  10. Featured FTT II by Cronch Amp on Wan (The Last Days of Rome) New
  11. Break
  12. Featured AFR I by Cronch Amp on Wanderer/Soother (The Last Days Of Rome) New
  13. Break
  14. Paraguaya by Juana Molina on Forfun (Crammed Discs)
  15. Break
  16. Dancing And Blood by Low on Double Negative (Sub Pop)