Altered Images #255 10/05/2022 "Zebra Fleecing"


  1. Sketch For Summer by Durutti Column on The Return of the Durutti Column (Factory)
  2. Lock And Key by Klymaxx on Meeting in the Ladies Room (Geffen)
  3. Drive Me Wild by Vanity 6 on Vanity 6 (Warner Bros.)
  4. Disappearing Act by Shalamar on The Look (Solar)
  5. In Private (12' Version) by Dusty Springfield on VA - So 80s Volume 1 (Soundcolors)
  6. Love Is Contagious by Taja Sevelle on Taja Sevelle (Paisley Park)
  7. Love Tempo by Quando Quango on 12 (Factory Records)
  8. Torchlight by Ellen Foley on Gary Crowley’s Lost 80s Vol. 2 (Demon)
  9. Sweet Lies by Robert Palmer on Sweet Lies (Island)
  10. Lazy Nina by Greg Phillanganes on Too Slow To Disco (How Do You Are?)
  11. Get Here by Oleta Adams on Circle of One (Fontana)
  12. Help Me by Bryan Ferry on Help Me (WEA)
  13. The Planet Doesn't Mind (Club Mix) by New Musik on The Planet Doesn't Mind (Dancing Bear)
  14. Stay The Night by Kashif on Condition of the Heart (Arista)
  15. Fool's Paradise by Rosie Vela on Zazu (A&M)
  16. Gold by Prince on The Gold Experience (Warner Bros.)
  17. The Language Of Life by Everything But the Girl on The Language Of Life (WEA)
  18. T.V. Scene (Sensurroumd mix) by Linda DiFranco on So 80s Volume 13 (Soundcolours)
  19. A.P.B. by Womack & Womack on Love Wars (Elektra)
  20. Rainbow Lake by Wendy & Lisa on Eroica (CBS)
  21. Josephine by Chris Rea on VA - NRJ Hits Volume 3 (WEA)
  22. Young Mountain by TIm Finn on Tim Finn (Capitol)
  23. Stay With Me Tonight (Dub. Erosion) by Jeffrey Osborne on Stay With Me Tonight (MCA)