1. Angelica (feat. Eartheater) by Rabit on What Dreams May Come (Halcyon Veil) New
  2. Sio by Natalie Beridze on Of Which One Knows (Room40) New
  3. Battling Dust by Voice Actor on Sent From My Telephone (Stroom) New
  4. Marketa by James K & Drew McDowall on Random Girl (Incienso) New
  5. Obsidian Sorrows (For Gérard de Nerval) by Siavash Amini & Eugene Thacker on Songs for Sad Poets (Hallow Ground) New
  6. Covered in silt and weed by Steve Bates on All The Things That Happen (Constellation) New
  7. Featured Reversing the Procession by Angelo Harmsworth on Singe (Students of Decay) New
  8. An Opposite Fall by The Humble Bee on An Opposite Fall (VAKNAR) New