1. Featured Caged At Last by Mister Water Wet on Top Natural Drum (Soda Gong) New
  2. Lost Profile by IVVVO on So Sad (Atlantic Thunder) New
  3. Featured Side By Side by Carla Dal Forno on Come Around (Kalista) New
  4. Beamsplitters by Felisha Ledesma on Fringe (Ecstatic)
  5. Psychic Mathrooms by Heith on X, wheel (PAN) New
  6. never die by Klein on Cave in the Wind (Parkwuud Entertainment) New
  7. Featured Rotation séance by Roméo Poirier on Living Room (Faitiche) New
  8. Radiolucent by Marc Barreca on Recordings of Failing Light (Palace Of Lights) New
  9. Featured The Quaking Mess by Emeralds on Solar Bridge (Ghostly)