1. M O S A I C by Photay & Carlos Niño & Mikaela Davis on An Offering (International Anthem) New
  2. Together by Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin on Together (Posh Isolation) New
  3. Featured Fascinator by HTRK on Marry Me Tonight (Ghostly)
  4. Featured Life Amplifier's Modulation by radiant futur on Hypersensitive (Muscut) New
  5. Disliking by Clarice Jensen on Esthesis (130701) New
  6. Featured Shima No Yume by Andrew Pekler on Aquapelago: An Oceans Anthology (Discrepant) New
  7. Under red by Thme on Red roses are red now (Seil)
  8. Featured Dream by Actress on Dummy Corporation (Ninja Tune) New
  9. Winding To The Side by Patricia on Less Than 7 (Acid Test) New