Ep 239: "Lemon Year"

Episode title "Lemon Year" is from the song "Lemon Year" by Blue Zero on the Dandy Boy Records comp Welcome to Oakland (bandcamp). They play Thursday at SF Eagle with Sob Stories, Warp, and Blues Lawyer, who won't be gigging locally as much following this going away party for drummer & singer Elyse.

Bay Area Tenant and Neighborhood Councils October Assembly is Sunday, October 30th at the Oakland Public Library Main Branch. "All tenants are welcome." https://baytanc.com (ig: @bay.tanc)

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  1. Cure All by Blues Lawyer on Something Different (Mt. St. Mtn.)

    Local Thursday at SF Eagle: Blues Lawyer/ Sob Stories/ Blue Zero/ Warp

  2. The Tourist by Sob Stories on Fair Shakes (Dandy Boy) Local
  3. Lemon Year by Blue Zero on Welcome to Oakland comp (Dandy Boy Records) Local
  4. Suck It Up by Warp on Traffic Control (Thrilling Living) Local
  5. Velvet Pink Heart by Louie Elser (self released)

    Local Saturday at El Rio: a party for queers, femmes and other angels w/ Louie Elser, Bombsnax and more.

  6. Piel de Miel by Bombsnax on WATER FOR THE TOWN v.4 (SMARTBOMB) Local
  7. Scarcity Is Manufactured by Deerhoof on Devil Kids (Joyful Noise)

    Local Friday at Great American Music Hall: Deerhoof/ Mayya/ Naked Roommate

  8. Try & Try by Mayya on Infinite Possible Futures (Calar) Local
  9. Fondu Guru by Naked Roommate on Do the Duvet (Trouble in Mind) Local
  10. Call On Me by James Wavey on Butterflies & Kisses (self released) Local
  11. Ramona and Child by Michael James Tapscott on Royal Oakie 10th Anniversary comp (Royal Oakie)

    Local Sunday at the Balboa Theater: Royal Oakie 10th Anniversary all-day show with Michael James Tapscott/ Sandy's/ Whiskerman/ Tan Cologne/ Natural Bridges/ Go By Ocean/ Jeff Moller/ Lauren Helene Green + Special Guests

  12. Shitshow by Sandy's (self released) Local
  13. Cannonball by Baus on Songs To Snake To (Digital Regress)

    Local Saturday at Thee Stork Club: Baus/ Meat Market/ Nopes/ Cheree

  14. Collection by Meat Market on MM (self released) Local
  15. Smile Room by Nopes on Djork (Magnetic Eyes) Local
  16. Maze by Owen Adair Kelley on Lest You End As I (Dandy Boy)

    Local Thursday at the Lost Church SF: Owen Adair Kelley/ In-Sides

  17. Trading Faces by In-Sides (self released) Local
  18. Staying In by Practicing Sincerity on Will We Feel this Way Forever (Lavasocks Records)

    Friday at Subrosa Community Space in Santa Cruz: Practicing Sincerity/ Bad Tiger/ Universe/ The Elijah Stoll Band

  19. Like This by Bad Tiger (Self-Released) Local
  20. Jealous by Jacob Aranda (self released) Local
  21. Possession by False Figure on Castigations (self released) Local
  22. What I Want You to Do (So Do) by Smile Too Much on Smile Too Much (Dandy Boy)

    Local Saturday at the Golden Bull: Smile Too Much/ Yogurt Brain (release show)/ Monster Treasure (Stockton)/ Thunder Boys

  23. No Radio (I'm Wearin' Out) by Yogurt Brain on Lemon Tree EP (self release) Local